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Duramac is the toppest explosion-proof equipment brand in China now, it is the joint venture of EMAC and Hubei Kangchen An Bao Mining Equipment Co., Ltd, which is the earliest explosion-proof engine manufacturer in China. Own a stronge technology research and development team,
we work on providing best safety power solution for customer. Take the advantage of technology and complete service system, our products are widely used on mining and petro-chemical…more


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Explosion-proof engineExplosion-Proof Engine

Duramac explosion-proof engine is developed base on Cummins engine, completely retained excellent design and quality of Cummins engine. With advanced explosion-proof technology, ensure strong driving power with safety performance. Compact, stable performance, environmental, high efficiency as well as low cost, it becomes customer’s preference option:  KC493 | KC4102 | KC4107 | KC6102 | KC6114 | KC6116 | KC3406.

Explosion-proof-electric-motorExplosion-Proof Electric Motor

Explosion-proof electric motor provides faster driving power for explosion-proof equipment, with the advantage of compact structure, convenient and stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, high capacity, long life, these high efficiency and clean energy products will become even more widely used around the world. All our explosion-proof electric motors meet the explosion-proof standard with high performance: YB3.

Explosion-proof VehicleExplosion-Proof Vehicle

Material trucks and personnel carrier vehicles are our main explosion-proof vehicle, powered by our own explosion-proof engine. The design of chasis is base on dongfeng technololy, durable, stronge power, it highly increase the loading capacity. Professional explosion-proof configuration and complete monitoring system ensure the safety performance, low noise, environmental, comfortable: WC5R | WC20R | WC24R | WC3J | WC5J | WC8J | WC10J.

Engine-PartsSpare Parts

High standards of quality, reliable production methods, the latest equipment and qualified, committed staff ensure that tried and tested Duramac quality components are produced at all our sites. We supply all spare parts for our explosion-proof engine and explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof vehicle.



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KC4102-explosion-proof-engine KC4102 explosion-proof engine
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K6114 explosion-proof engine K6114 explosion-proof engine
http://www.anti-explosion-proof.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/WC20R-explosion-proof-vehicles.jpg WC20R explosion-proof vehicles
WC3JX-explosion-proof-truck WC3JX explosion-proof truck
WC5R-explosion-proof-Command-Vehicle WC5R explosion-proof Command Vehicle
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